Throughout the discussions of 3D organ printing, the benefits were immediately acknowledged, and then the ethical considerations and concerns. For our video presentation of the idea surrounding the technology, Patsy and I decided to create a cautionary tale that recognized both the benefits and potential misuse of such technology. The idea of an enhanced organ […]

MTOOP2200 app screen shot Kidneys ready for research:   T-shirts for Super Liver and Super Liver 2.0: Local Pharmacy:   Hospital Shots: Jeff becomes King of the Bar with his new Super Liver: Mysterious Stranger enters the bar. Super Liver 2.0 challenges the Jeff Super Liver 2.0 is the New King of the Bar. Jeff is […] This video was great for a lot of reasons. The brainstorming, the getting out of the office and talking to real people, the fact that the boss basically wanted to be challenged and overruled. The fact that everyone said it was hard. The constant breaking into teams and re-converging as a group in order […] So… your kid’s pajamas have little dot codes all around, take a picture with your phone, brings up the story that matches the code. Brilliant! Uh. maybe. What happens if your kid decides to live in his pjs all the time and holds your phone hostage? Do the dots hold up to washing and […] SUMMARY: The basic gist of this paper is that the HCC community would never stand for average students being subbed in studies for people with particular skills and abilities (such as surgeons) just because you put scrubs on them, so why does it stand for the case of average students being subbed in blind […]   Summary: The designers used participatory design to work with a group of amnesics who had difficulty with short term memory, but otherwise normal mental faculties. Episodes of memory loss would occur sporadically and result in anxiety and fear for both the amnesic and the care givers. A tool for Palm was developed for reminders about the current […]

Storyboarding Prototype Sketches 20130425 – Word DOC of initial ideas, sketches and revisions Storyboarding Higher Fidelity 20130425 – PowerPoint of actual images for the storyboard (images from online sources) Storyboarding was a lot of fun! Patsy and I brainstormed about 4 different scenarios and then picked two that would focus on the Made To Order Organ Printing (MTOOP) […]